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Athabasca University

Project Submission

The Project title page must be formatted in accordance with the title page template found in this link

Submission of Project Thesis

A copy of .pdf version of the approved Project and supporting materials must be submitted to Athabasca University before students can be authorized for graduation. These Project copies should be submitted to the Program Office.  The Project will be reviewed by the Program Coordinator and forwarded to the Athabasca University Digital Thesis and Project Room (DTPR) services for processing.  
The .pdf version of the essay must be submitted to Administrative Assistant for the MSc IS program. 

Working with the Project Sponsor

As the project closes, the Project Sponsor should not be faced with any surprises or unanticipated Project material.  Sponsors should be aware of findings, conclusions and recommendations before they read the draft Project. As findings, conclusions and recommendations solidify, they should be discussed fully with the Project Sponsor.  The purpose of these discussions is not to change the intent of the Project but to ensure that conclusions are founded in proper fact.  Often, Project Sponsors have insights that they have failed to communicate to the graduate students.  The graduate student should clarify these insights before the final Project is published and submitted.

Updated June 06 2018 by FST Technical Staff

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