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Athabasca University

Letter of Agreement Template

Organization Participating in the Study

XYZ Manufacturing Company

123 BellevilleStreet

Victoria , BCV8Y 2SX

Contact Person/ProjectSponsor

RobertSmith, Training Manager

Phone: 250-331-1111

FAX: 250-331-1111


Graduate Student

Jean Jones

Phone: 250-991-1111

FAX: 250-991-1111


Athabasca University Project Supervisor

Dan Smith, Ph.D.

Phone: 780-223-1111

FAX: 780-342-1111


Roles and Responsibilities

The graduate student, Project Sponsor and Project Supervisor agree to participate in the successful completion of the proposed project.

Project Description, Action Steps and Milestones

The Project goals, process and anticipated outcomes are described in the Project proposal. (The Project proposal highlights the activities to be completed, the study milestones and the involvement of the XYZ Company and their employees.)


The Athabasca Universitygraduate student agrees to honour individual and corporate confidentiality and non-disclosure guidelines. The XYZ Company agrees to allow the graduate student every opportunity to canvas and collect data from individuals and groups identified in the research proposal.

XYZ Company project participants will be asked to formally acknowledge that the information they provide to the student will be handled in a confidential and privileged manner, as described in the Athabasca University Research Ethics Policy.

Intellectual Property

XYZ Company agrees that the final Project and supporting materials will remain the intellectual property of the author (graduate student).The commercial potential of all products or/and the possible publications from the project will be assessed upon completion of the project and if deemed necessary, mutually agreeable arrangements will be identified to exploit theproduct in the commercial marketplace or to format the Project for publication.


The graduate student will provide XYZ Company a copy ofthe final Project. In addition, he/she will provide formal briefings to individuals or groups identified by the contact person/Project Sponsor.

Company Commitment

XYZ Company agrees to provide the graduate student with the following support: photocopying, fax, mail, phone, workspace, access to relevant records or data, access to individuals and groups essential to the completion of the project and other items identified throughout the conduct of the Project.


We, the undersigned agree to abide by the arrangements and statements contained in this letter of agreement.

Project Sponsor


Graduate Student


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