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Exam Procedures

For graduate courses with invigilated exams you need to complete the following steps four (4) weeks prior to your course end date (Week 9):

1) Find an exam invigilator who will supervise your exam.

Athabasca University (AU) has established a network of approved exam invigilation centres within Canada. Whenever possible, Athabasca University representatives invigilate exams.

If an AU-approved invigilator is not available in your area, you may propose an individual who meets the invigilator guidelines. Please email the Examination Services Unit, Office of the Registrar. A staff member will help you determine a suitable location and an acceptable invigilator.

2) Request your exam using the online Exam Request Form.

Exam Regulations

Students are required to write their exam on or before the last day of their course.

Exams Invigilation Fees

Most invigilators request a fee to invigilate student exams. Student may be required to pay invigilation fees to the institution that is invigilating their exam. Students are responsible for all expenses incurred for this service. Athabasca University does not charge a fee to invigilate exams at any of its three Learning Centre locations; however, some universities, colleges, and other institutions do charge an "external student" fee to supervise exams.

International Students

International students and Canadian students living overseas should write their exams at an approved post-secondary institution or a Canadian Embassy and request their exams a minimum of 20 days before the requested date.

Unwritten Exams

Occasionally, circumstances arise that prevent a student from writing the exam on the scheduled write date. If this happens, the student can reschedule the exam write date. Rescheduling must take place within five business days after the originally requested write date and not past the course contract date. Invigilators are required to return unwritten exams within five working days after the requested write date. Students who wish to reschedule their exam write date must contact the MSc IS Office

Supplemental Exams

Students are allowed one supplemental exam for each written invigilated exam. No supplemental exam will be available for take-home exams. The higher of the two marks (supplemental or original exam mark) will be used in calculating your final course grade.

In order to request a supplemental exam, you must complete and submit the Exam Request Form. Supplemental exams must be requested no later than one month after the original exam write date. The supplemental exam must be written within one month of submitting the Exam Request Form.

There is a Supplemental Exam Processing Fee of $100.

If the supplemental exam is not written, it cannot be requested again and there is no refund.

Updated October 11 2016 by FST Technical Staff

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