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Athabasca University

Spring 2021 (April 26, 2021 – July 25, 2021)

Course Course Name Instructor
COMP 501 Systems Development with Emerging Technology Dr. Ali Dewan
COMP 505 Operations Management in Information Systems Myron Gordon
COMP 602 Enterprise Information Management Dr. Jon Dron
COMP 604 Enterprise Computer Networks Dr. Qing Tan
COMP 605 Project Management for Information Systems Dr. Stella George
COMP 637 Mobile Computing Dr. Maiga Chang
COMP 638 Enterprise Modeling Dr. Qing Tan
COMP 648 Advanced Topics in Human-Computer Interaction Dr. Xiaokun Zhang
COMP 658 Computational Intelligence Dr. Sabine Graf
COMP 659 Statistical Language Processing for Text Analytics Dr. Dunwei Wen
COMP 695 Research Methods in Information Systems Dr. Vive Kumar

Individualized Study Course Offerings

Individualized online courses begin on the first day of every month. If you would like to start a course in a specific month, your registration must be received and processed by the tenth day of the previous month. For example, if you would like your course to start on June 1, your registration must be successfully processed by May 10.

Course Course Name Instructor
COMP 617 Designing Real-Time Software Dr. Xiaokun Zhang
COMP 667 Multiagent Systems Dr. Oscar Lin
COMP 682 Data Mining Dr. Larbi Esmahi
COMP 692-93 Independent Study Dr. Larbi Esmahi
COMP 696* Integration Essay Dr. Larbi Esmahi
COMP 697-699* Integration Project Dr. Larbi Esmahi
COMP 676-680* Integration Thesis Dr. Larbi Esmahi


SCIS graduate program students can register online (Registration Form) and submit with the course fee. If you are not currently a SCIS graduate program student you can apply to the program as either a program or non program student. You will need to apply prior registering in the courses listed above.

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