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Athabasca University

Fall 2016 (September 12 - December 11)

CourseCourse NameInstructor
COMP 501Systems Development with Emerging TechnologyDr. Ali Dewan
COMP 503Information Technology Hardware and SoftwareMahmoud Abaza
COMP 505Operations Management in Information SystemsMyron Gordon
COMP 601Survey of Computing and Information SystemsRichard Huntrods
COMP 602Enterprise Information ManagementDr. Jon Dron
COMP 604Enterprise Computer NetworksDr. Harris Wang
COMP 605Project Management for Information SystemsDr. Ali Dewan
COMP 648Advanced Topics in Human-Computer InteractionDr. Xiaokun Zhang
COMP 659Statistical Language Processing for Text AnalyticsDr. Dunwei (Grant) Wen
COMP 674Theory of ComputationDr. Dunwei (Grant) Wen
COMP 683Introduction to Learning and Knowledge AnalyticsDr. Sabine Graf
COMP 695Research Methods in Information SystemsTo Be Determined


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