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Athabasca University

Individualized Study Course Offerings

Individualized online courses begin on the first day of every month.

CourseCourse NameInstructor
COMP 617 Designing Real-Time SoftwareDr. Xiaokun Zhang
COMP 649Affective ComputingDr. Maiga Chang
COMP 682Data MiningDr. Larbi Esmahi
COMP 696*Integration EssayApproved Supervisor
COMP 697-699*Integration ProjectApproved Supervisor
COMP 676-680*Integration ThesisApproved Supervisor


SCIS graduate program students can register online by completing the Registration Form and submit the form along with the course fee. If you are not currently a SCIS graduate program student you can apply to the program as either a program or non program student. You will need to apply prior registering in the courses listed above.

Updated February 05 2016 by FST Technical Staff

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