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Graduate Course Syllabi

COMP501Systems Development with Emerging TechnologyPrerequisite: None
COMP503IT Hardware and SoftwarePrerequisite: None
COMP504Object Structure and ProgrammingPrerequisite: None
COMP505Operations Management in Information SystemsPrerequisite: None
COMP506Organizational Behavior in Information SystemsPrerequisite: None
COMP601Survey of Computing and Information SystemsPrerequisite: Admission to the graduate program or equivalent status.
COMP602Enterprise Information ManagementPrerequisites: None.  The ability to program using a high-level programming language would be useful but not esstential to complete the course.
COMP604Enterprise-wide Network ArchitecturePrerequisite: None
COMP605Project Management for Information SystemsPrerequisite: None
COMP607*Ethical/Legal/Social Issues in Information TechnologyPrerequisite: Completion of COMP 505, 506 and 601.  Recommended but not required.
COMP610*Selected Topics in Software EngineeringPrerequisites: COMP 501, 504, and 601 or Course Coordinator approval which is based on student's knowledge in: (1) basics of Software Engineering, (2) a high-level programming language such as C, C++, Java, and (3) Data Structure.
COMP638Enterprise ModelingPrerequisite: None
COMP648**Advanced Topics in Human-Computer InteractionPrerequisites: COMP 504 and 601; or an undergraduate course in Human-Computer Interaction (e.g., COMP 482) and COMP 504; or Course Coordinator approval.
COMP657**Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques
Prerequisites: COMP 504, or an equivalent data structures, and algorithms course. Familiarity with discrete mathematics, and probability/statistics is an asset to the course.
COMP682Data MiningPrerequisites: COMP 602 or equivalents. Students registering in this course will need to have some background on database systems and statistics
COMP689*Advanced Distributed SystemsPrerequisites: COMP 501 and 503, or COMP 604, or Course Coordinator approval.
COMP695Research Methods in Information SystemsPrerequisites: COMP 601
*COMP 607, 610 and 689 are core elective courses for students who enrolled in the MScIS program prior to January 1, 2010.
**COMP 648 and 657 are elective courses for students who enrolled in the MScIS program prior to January 1, 2010.
COMP617Designing Real-time SoftwarePrerequisite: Previous courses or experience in any one or more of the areas such as software system analysis and design, information system architecture and analysis, networking and internet application at various layers, or domain specific application systems relying on time-critical computing.  Alternatively, expectation of students could have completed any one or more of the core courses such as COMP 602, 604, 610 or other COMP course(s) in related areas.
COMP635Green ICT StrategiesPrerequisite: None
COMP637Mobile ComputingPrerequisite: This course requires you have background knowledge of computer networks.  Requires students to be able to some basic programming, read pseudo codes, and interpret algorithms.
COMP649Affective ComputingPrerequisite: COMP 501 or 504 or Course Coordinator approval.
COMP650Social ComputingPrerequisite: To gain the full benefit, it would be desirable (but not essential) to have a background in web-based programming, especially in JavaScript. Everyone taking this course must be technically adept and conversant with standard Internet tools, particularly web browsing and email. Knowledge of HTML would be very beneficial. The course also requires well-developed communication skills and the ability to critically explore complex social, ethical and legal issues.
COMP656Cloud ComputingPrerequisite: This course requires knowledge of computer networking and distributed computing, and familiarity with web services, service-oriented architecture, Web 2.0, and virtualization as well as research methodology. An interest in research and good technical writing and presentation skills would also be assets for anyone taking this course.
COMP658Computational IntelligencePrerequisite: COMP 501 or 504 or Course Coordinator approval which will be based on the student's knowledge in a high-level programming language (C, C++, or Java).
COMP659Statistical Language Processing for Text AnalyticsPrerequisite: COMP 501 (or an equivalent high-level programming language course) and the essentials of undergraduate-level probability and/or statistics, or Course Coordinator approval.  Background in related areas such as artificial intelligence (e.g., COMP 657) and linguistics will be asset for this course.
COMP660Enterprise Information Security Prerequisite: COMP 604.
COMP667Multiagent SystemsPrerequisite: COMP 501 or 504 or equivalent.
COMP674Theory of ComputationPrerequisite: Students entering this course should have a strong background in discrete mathematics, data structures, and algorithms.
COMP683Introduction to Learning and Knowledge AnalyticsPrerequisites: None
COMP684Business IntelligencePrerequisite: COMP 607 and 657 are highly recommended, but not required.  Familiarity with business practices and techniques in Artifical Intelligence is an asset to successfully complete the course.

COMP692-693 Independent StudyPrerequisite: Program Director approval is required. Students must contact the MSc IS Office prior to registration in this course.
COMP696Integration EssayPrerequisite: Professor approval. Students must contact the MSc IS Administrative Assistant  prior to registration in this course.
COMP697Integration Project IPrerequisite: Professor approval. Students must contact the MSc IS Administrative Assistant prior to registration in this course.
COMP698Integration Project IIPrerequisite: COMP 697
COMP699Integration Project IIIPrerequisite: COMP 698
COMP676Thesis I (Proposal Writing)Prerequisite: Program Director and SCIS director approval required for the Thesis route. Students must contact the MSc IS Administrative Assistant  prior to registration in this course.
COMP677Thesis II (Research Stage 1)Prerequisite: COMP 676
COMP678Thesis III (Research Stage 2)Prerequisite: COMP 677
COMP679Thesis VI (Research Stage 3)Prerequisite: COMP 678
COMP680Thesis V (Thesis Writing and Defence)Prerequisite: COMP 679

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